Feel good! Be transformed through the compelling power of the Grace on the Go book series.

101 Quick Ways to Pray-- the first book in the series—teaches you how to live prayerfully every minute of your day, no matter what else you’re doing.

Four more Grace on the Go books give you quick prayerful help so you...

  • lose weight and commit to healthier eating.
  • cope better with the strain of care giving.
  • handle the joys—and anxieties—of parenting.
  • live fearlessly in today’s economic hard times.

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Grace on the Go: Powerful Prayers to Ease Money Worries

Everyone has been affected at some level by the world-wide economic downturn.
Maybe your 401-K has lost money. Or you or someone you know has lost a job. Money worries can create problems in relationships.

Here are quick powerful prayers plus practical steps that offer readers a new attitude in the midst of our gloomy financial times. 
  • Bright lively style.
  • Easy to use.
  • Written for Christians of all denominations.

Price: $10.00  FREE SHIPPING!

Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters

Just about everybody is trying to lose a few pounds.
Here’s a prayer-filled way to :
  • Change your eating habits.
  • Lose weight.
  • Build a good body image.
The tone is upbeat
Appropriate for all Christian denominations.

Small enough to tuck into purse or pocket.

"A gem.  This soulful collection of prayers and suggestions is a perfect companion to support and encourage us as we set our intention to nourish and nurture our bodies."  -- Frances Murchison, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Price: $10.00 Free Shipping!

Nobody's Child Any More: Grieving, Caring, Comforting When Parents Die (Sorin Books)

Adult children are often surprised at the depth of grief they feel when an older parent dies. Barbara's personal experience and her stories of others help readers through the one life transition that  nearly all of  us eventually experience.

Excerpted in Family Circle magazine.

National First Place winner -- Today's Librarian says, "Barbara writes in a gentle, almost poetic style. A compassionate resource and guide." 

"Barbara gives valuable insights as well as warm, sometimes humorous advice." Griefnet.org

Price: $11.95  FREE SHIPPING

Meditation in Motion: Exercise Your Body and Soul at the Same Time!

Open the door to better health and greater happiness by connecting the physical and spiritual dimensions of your life.
  • Read 48 stories about real people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all levels of fitness and ability.
  • See how they found heightened spiritual awareness through physical activities.
  • Also, a special “How-to” Section.

Wonderful writing!Charles Gusewell, columnist and best-selling author.

Highly recommended!”  Victoria Moran, author of How to Live a Charmed Life and Fit from Within

Price: $12.95   FREE SHIPPING!

Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for New Moms (Morehouse Publishing)

Quick prayers and reflections keyed to the common challenges new mothers and dads face:
  • Dealing with exhaustion.
  • Adjusting to a new way of life.
  • Finding time for your spouse and yourself
  • Fitting in time for prayer.
Bright, lively style
Easy to use
Great gift idea for new mom and dads.

 “A wonderful spiritual companion for moms to turn to time and again.  Barbara expresses the miraculous and mundane in every parent's experience.”  The Rev. Lisa Senuta, Assistant Rector, St. Michael  and All Angels Episcopal Church

Price: $10.00  FREE SHIPPING!

Grace on the Go: Prayers for Compassionate Caregivers (Morehouse Publishing)

  • Stories that share others’ experiences, so you know you’re not alone.
  • Prayers that seem written just for you.
  • Practical, helpful action steps.
  • Sized to tuck easily into purse , pocket or briefcase.
  • Appeals to Christians of all denominations. 
  • Warm, upbeat tone.
Caregiving is a journey like no other This pocket companion offers hope and prayerful guidance along the way. Read it once, read it twice, read it every day.” Joel Carmer, hospice chaplain, Kansas City

Price: $10.00  FREE SHIPPING!

From Hurting to Happy: Transforming Your Life After Loss (Sorin Books)

Change is part of the natural flow of life.

Whether it's a job, a marriage, a dream, a friendship, or the end of a life, saying good-bye can bring feelings of loss. In this book, true stories, sound advice, and a spiritual tone help readers find new beginnings after loss.

“A Comforting inspiring guide…” Former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan

"Finds the small joys that are still there." Betty Gibbs, in Best Times

"A believable book. Makes grief transforming, not defeating." Reviewer Joan Ward, Springfield Mirror 

Price: $12.95  FREE SHIPPING!

Midlife Awakenings: Discovering the Gifts Life Has Given Us (Ave Maria Press)

  • Inspirational musings coupled with "Holy Action" steps to help you heed your inner wake-up call as you reach midlife.
  • Excerpted in Family Circle as "How to Put the Extra in Your Ordinary Day."

Midlife Awakenings is about liking yourself, accepting others, and finding out you who are in order to find more contentment in your life."  Reviewer Erin Andersen, Lincoln, NE Journal-Star

Price: $8.95 FREE SHIPPING!

Grace on the Go: 101 Quick Ways to Pray (Morehouse Publishing)

People who desire to put God first in their lives want to set aside time for prayer. But how do you find extra minutes in today's hectic, "24/7" world? Realize that every act--every task--in our ordinary day is potentially holy if we do it with “right intent.”
  • Learn to make your life--as it unfolds—a gift to God with one-minute prayers.
  • The book is divided into these sections: wake-up call, drive-time to work, work-time, meal-time, family time, personal time, and bedtime. 
  • Here’s just one example: While filling your gas tank, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with grace to treat everyone you meet that day with loving kindness. Now you have added a prayer to your busy life---without adding time.
Winner of the S&P Award.
One of the year's best spiritual books …a gem in everyday spirituality.” www.SpiritualityandPractice.com

A spotlighted book on www.Catholicmom.com
“…this award-winning author has breathed fresh air and energy into my prayer life.” 
A fine little book that uses everyday situations and encounters as cues for prayers.” WWW.TheLutheran.Org

Price: $10.00 FREE SHIPPING

Unexpected Answers: God answers prayers, though not always as we expect (OSV Press)

A compiliation of award-winning author's true stories, many of them first appearing in such magazines as Readers Digest, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle.
The book is sectioned into...
  • Growing through loss
  • Learning to love
  • Praying with power
  • Discovering your authentic self
  • Celebrating what's truly important in life.

"I recommend it to anyone facing a crisis in life."--Rev. Gordon Cosby, Pastor, Church of the Savior, Washington, DC

Price: $12.95  FREE SHIPPING!

My Angry Son: Sometimes Love is Not Enough

  • A Doubleday/Literary Guild selection,
  • Finalist for the Thorpe Mann Award,
  • Book-length feature in Reader's Digest,
  • TV movie option.
"A frank, heart-rending account of a mother, a son, and a family that came to grips with a crisis-and their long road back to a happy ending." The Literary Guild

"Invaluable reading, especially for parents of teenagers." Psychology Today

Price: $15.00 FREE SHIPPING!

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