What is a Retreat? 

Retreats are like a time out to help you rediscover what’s truly important in your life. In a guided retreat, a leader will intersperse talks, often around a theme, with quiet time for prayer and reflection. Retreats are for men, women, or both. They are often sponsored by churches but not always. 

How is a Retreat different from Barbara's workshops or spiritual presentations? 

A retreat is at least a day and often a weekend---and may be held off-site. Participants take time for prayer and reflection. There may be a worship service and singing or simplified yoga.
A workshop may last an evening, half a day, or all day, and are usually conducted on-site. Interactive group activities are included but generally no solitude prayer time.
A presentation is a keynote speech, lasting  30-45 minutes. 
A  Personal Note from Barbara Bartocci

" Today, so many feel overwhelmed, overworked, overcommitted, or overtired.  A spiritual retreat is a safe place to de-stress, and rediscover your own inner peace. It offers you grace on the go when you return to everyday life.  I feel very privileged to lead guided retreats. "
What others say
 “Thanks for an absolutely wonderful three-day retreat. God has gifted you with a magnificent way of presenting. You helped us to be more accepting of our [life] situations, to separate the important from the unimportant, and to remember that God is always in control.” Betty McKaig, Chair, St. Mary’s Women’s Bible Study, Escondido , CA .
 “Your talks at our 3-day retreat were received with unanimous pleasure. Your content and style were right on the mark. Our auxiliary president said, “Let’s have her back again.” Lois Gubitosi, program director, Whispering Winds Christian Conference Center, San Diego, CA
Grace on the Go Advent Retreats
Advent celebrates our journey to the birth of Christ; which means the birth of something new and profound in each of us, so that we can say, along with St. Paul , “Not I, but the Christ in me.” 
 “Barbara, your interactive style touched a resonant chord in the hearts of every one who attended our Advent retreat.”
Mary Kay Whitacre, Pastoral Associate, St. Thomas More Parish
Grace on the Go Lenten Retreats
Lent is the season of repentance. The root of repent means to change one’s mind or one’s heart:;  to re-think. “As a person thinketh in his (her) heart, so is he,” said Jesus. 
“Barbara is a gifted spiritual retreat leader. At our Lenten retreat, the day was well balanced between interactive lecture and small group sharing. She helped us all find new insights to the Christian spiritual life. I highly recommend her.”
Rev. Lisa Senuta, St. Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal Church
“Your Day of Reflection was an overwhelming success…given in truly human and day-to-day terms rather than pious pie in the sky. You are an excellent, authentic speaker.” Sarah Stephens, director Adult Education, Good Shepherd Catholic Church
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